Peace Corps Oral History


NOVA RPCV Oral History Project


The national Peace Corps Oral History Project ( in collaboration with the John F. Kennedy  Library  in Boston collects oral histories of RPCVs from the beginning of the Peace Corps to the present. NOVA RPCV participates with the Project by interviewing RPCVs in the Northern Virginia region. 

If you wish to be interviewed, please contact Project Coordinator, Randy Adams, at: to set up an interview.  

Once interviewed, you can also become an interviewer to assist with gathering these important histories for the JFK Library Digital Archives.

NOVA RPCV is also collaborating with an oral history subset of the RPCV community, the ePCV or evacuated PCVs due to the Coronavirus.

These interviews are conducted on-line nationally.  If you are an ePCV/RPCV, please also contact the Project Coordinator Randy Adams for an interview.